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some things I don’t think I’ll ever get

societal obsession with getting drunk or high hipsters rap music dub-step heavy metal people who feel the need to do jobs around the house during the weekend religious people who border on the fanatic “fandoms” on tumblr why people like … Continue reading

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well college could prove to be a waste of time

3 people, including me have turned up today, one of the other people has just gone home, reason being is because all but one lesson has been cancelled, that lesson is at 1 pm it is 9:43 by my reckoning, … Continue reading

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SOPA/PIPA this post does very well in explaining what these acts do, reading makes you wonder about American motives, it berates countries like China and North Korea for being too strict on their citizens and they deserve their freedom of speech on a … Continue reading

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I love the soundtrack of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I absolutely love the soundtrack for this film, I definitely made a good choice buying and I would suggest it to anyone who likes westerns. I dunno what it is about it but I just think it’s fantastic and Ennio … Continue reading

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Things to do in 2012

so here’s a list of things i hope to/will do in 2012 finish my forensic science course at college go to university become a better photographer get round to finally watching the Clint Eastwood films i bought last summer start a vlog  put … Continue reading

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