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Another slow weekend ahead

After a few jobs that need doing around the house and the garden I’m going to try and settle down in to some writing, seeing as in the week I’ve had off I have only written about a paragraph which … Continue reading

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My Google+ page

For anyone who uses Google+ this is is me. I’m going to be using this instead of Facebook. I’ve had it for a while, although I’ve only started using more recently. I did have an idea of using the ability to record hangouts as a group Vlog but no-one seems to have taken to it. Anyway check it out if you want to and I’ll happily talk to anyone who feels the urge to get in contact through there

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I finally got rid of Facebook

I finally got round to deactivating my Facebook account. Not because it wasn’t used because it was and not because I didn’t care about all the annoying people on it (well maybe a little. It was mostly use to keep … Continue reading

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depression sucks

Retrospectively I’ve probably been suffering with it for years, but because I’ve only self harmed once I just assumed that the really down days/weeks/months were normal and everyone had them from time to time. It wasn’t until my latest episode … Continue reading

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what to do

I need some structure. Those are four words I never thought I would say. Of course it’s probably part of a paradox, as soon as I get some structure in my life be it with work or something else, I’ll … Continue reading

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I should be happier

So now I’m officially finished college and did slightly better than just pass the course. I feel like I should be a lot  happier but I’m not. There are far too many uncertainties in the future to be particularly happy about … Continue reading

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A few of my favourite photos

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only two more days to struggle through

Then college is done for good and I can concentrate on getting better and sorting my life out. I might even get work done on time, just. Hopefully after Thursday I finally concentrate on writing and I can get a … Continue reading

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It’s odd

Knowing that this time on Thursday I will have finished college forever. Of course I have no idea what I’ll be doing after that. After my mental breakdown and being diagnosed with depression I have no solid plan. Well I … Continue reading

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It’s June already

Where did the first five months of 2012 go? Seriously time is such a weird concept it’s indescribable and odd it sometimes doesn’t flow like it ought to. It’s almost disconcerting to think it a few short weeks we will be halfway … Continue reading

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