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Book Writing

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to write a book, I think it will be an interesting journey and a way to keep me busy and as a potential income stream in the future. It’s still early doors yet but … Continue reading

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Boxing Day Plans

On Boxing Day my siblings and I are going to my dads’ place to spend the afternoon with him and his girlfriend. On Saturday he kind of sprung on us the idea of each of us putting on individual performances as … Continue reading

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Celebrities and celebrity culture

I find the concept of celebrities and celebrity culture an interesting one, not because I follow it religiously as some people do but because it make such massive news every time a celeb does anything from the seemingly ordinary that … Continue reading

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Apparently I’ve been on WordPress for two years

So I felt it necessary to mark the occasion with something rather than just letting it pass by. Although I don’t post on here as regularly as I post to my other blog on Tumblr, I do still quite like … Continue reading

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Violent video games and real world violence

I have never really understood the link between violent video games and violent acts, considering how many people play video games and how many video games contain some sort of violence in them on a range of levels. Then you … Continue reading

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I’m enjoying things again

I don’t know if it’s if we’ve found the right dosage of medication or if it’s the effect of having good news for a change, but I’m feeling good about things. I’m enjoying writing and painting my Games Workshop models … Continue reading

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I wish I could sleep

My sleeping had initially got better when I first started on anti-depressants,but that would appear to have just been a placebo effect because I have gone back to not sleeping well it’s currently 1:51 am and I have been tossing … Continue reading

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I need something to do

I’m going a little bit crazy now. I’ve been off college for over a month now and I’m incredibly bored now. It would be better if I had my Xbox back as a distraction but dad is refusing to give it back … Continue reading

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Ideas for a vlog

I was thinking of doing a video blog on YouTube and I was trying to come up with a few ideas of how to make it different from other video blogs on YouTube. I was using Google+ the other and realised … Continue reading

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Another slow weekend ahead

After a few jobs that need doing around the house and the garden I’m going to try and settle down in to some writing, seeing as in the week I’ve had off I have only written about a paragraph which … Continue reading

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