Uni move successful

So on Saturday I moved into halls and so far it is going well. I’ve met my flatmates as well and they all seem easy to get on with, so that’s good. Everything is going good I guess I’m still not sure on the whole socialising thing.

Anyway today was sports and societies day over by the Student Union which was good, I think I’d quite like to start playing rugby again as part of my get fit, get healthy campaign. I also joined the gym today and I’m actually quite excited to go and use it which helps, although I haven’t done any proper exercise in a week so it’ll probably be a bit horrid to begin with, oh well.

They even had a Gamers Society for things like role-playing and table top gaming, so I’m going to check that out as well as the seem to do some of the Games Workshop stuff, it looked fairly decent so it might be fun. They didn’t have a photography society which I thought was odd I would have thought that would have been popular.

Anyway I suppose I should go and attempt to be sociable with my flatmates and everyone else in the immediate block of halls or else they might think I’m weird or a loser and it’s a bit early to let them in on the truth.

About duncanainsworth

Duncan, 30, will most likely talk about mental health, video games, sci-fi, personal challenges and a few other things. I have Asperger's Syndrome and Depression
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