Long Time, No Post

It’s been a long time since I posted anything on here, almost a year, which I don’t have an particular reason for not doing. I keep telling myself I’m going to write more blog posts, then promptly forget and lost inspiration and struggled to find anything interesting to write about, although I was in my final year at university the last time I posted so that took up most of my attention.

But now I have something to write about and the time to write it and in it’s in a similar vein to my last post, as again I will be participating in obstacle course runs for charity. Again the chosen charity is the mental health charity Mind, as it’s a cause that is close to my heart and mind, as I was diagnosed with Depression in May 2012.

So on the two events I’ll be doing, yes there’s two this year and both are close together, the first is Tough Mudder on the 21st of May and the second is The Pain and Suffering (again) on the 26th of June. Tough Mudder is something I’ve wanted to do since I first started to get fit, so I’m glad that I’m finally able to challenge myself by taking part in it. The Pain and Suffering is the event that I did last year when I last raised money for charity, reaching and beating my target of £500 to eventually raise £650.

I almost couldn’t believe that people were that generous and I will be forever grateful to those that donated and gave their support, it meant a lot to me and was a driving factor during the obstacle run last year. This year though I won’t be doing it alone either (mercifully) so I’ll have some more encouragement, but I think using the opportunity to raise money will be a big drive to take part in these events.

With that in mind I have set the target of £500 again to reach over the next three or four months, so hopefully it’s a target that can be reached, people were especially generous last time around, so hopefully I can say the same time this time around as well.

The donation page is here Fundraising page any donations would be so greatly appreciated, currently £80 has been generously donated and I’m thankful for that. I will promise to post updates on how it’s going.

About duncanainsworth

Duncan, 30, will most likely talk about mental health, video games, sci-fi, personal challenges and a few other things. I have Asperger's Syndrome and Depression
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