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Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

As we are coming to end of Mental Health Awareness week, I hope you will indulge me, as I Ramble a bit about Mental Health and why it is so important. People who have come to this blog in the … Continue reading

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In light of the recent high profile suicides

With the recent suicides of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, I feel it an appropriate time to talk about mental health issues and illness, as many people have done in recent weeks. I understand that my opinion is but a … Continue reading

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Obstacle Course Running

In the last couple of months I have done a couple of these “Obstacle Course Races” or “mud runs”, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share my experiences of the two and explain how they differed. The first run … Continue reading

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I wish I could sleep

My sleeping had initially got better when I first started on anti-depressants,but that would appear to have just been a placebo effect because I have gone back to not sleeping well it’s currently 1:51 am and I have been tossing … Continue reading

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depression sucks

Retrospectively I’ve probably been suffering with it for years, but because I’ve only self harmed once I just assumed that the really down days/weeks/months were normal and everyone had them from time to time. It wasn’t until my latest episode … Continue reading

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It’s odd

Knowing that this time on Thursday I will have finished college forever. Of course I have no idea what I’ll be doing after that. After my mental breakdown and being diagnosed with depression I have no solid plan. Well I … Continue reading

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It’s June already

Where did the first five months of 2012 go? Seriously time is such a weird concept it’s¬†indescribable¬†and odd it sometimes doesn’t flow like it ought to. It’s almost disconcerting to think it a few short weeks we will be halfway … Continue reading

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