New football season is here

I’m really quite excited for this season. After watching my team Manchester City dramatically win it in “Fergie Time” last season I can only hope that the team have less dramatic ways of winning the title up their sleeves. Of course they may or may not win it, but one would hope they would do everything in their collective power to at least defend the domestic title. They will obviously have the extra challenges of competing in the Champions League and the Capital One (previously FA) Cup to deal with as well.

I’m not going to get my hopes too high about our potential of winning all three because I don’t know if they will, having only been in the champions league once before and only winning the FA cup once, so as far as I’m concerned as long as we are strong competitors in the Premier League and maybe the COC I will be happy. It will require a couple more years of experience of European football before I think the team will be strong enough contenders to go all the way in the Champions League, but I hope we get there sooner rather than later obviously.

Of course there is now way of knowing on the first day how the league will pan out, especially considering how close last season was and how unpredictable each game was each week but I’m looking forward to it and I hope to go more often this year now I’m at uni I hope my time can be a bit more flexible.

After going to the Community Shield game last weekend it was good to be back in a football crowd again. I really enjoyed the game, the banter and the whole day in general despite being ill on the day, but that was only a small annoyance.

Well I will probably do more football blogging in the next couple of months and keep updating on events of my life at university among other things.

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Duncan, 30, will most likely talk about mental health, video games, sci-fi, personal challenges and a few other things. I have Asperger's Syndrome and Depression
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