Max Brooks

One of my favourite authors at the moment, possibly ever. Having read the zombie survival guide and currently reading World War Z, I have to say he is one of the most detailed writers on the hypothetical zombie apocalypse. In the Zombie Survival guide he has covered all the essential ideas and anything else one might want to consider when the dead begin to rise. It’s so intricately detailed, you could follow it closely to the letter and do OK for a long period of time.

World war Z on the other hand, depicts a post apocalypse world where humanity is picking itself from the ashes of chaos this so detailed it’s awesome. The interviews and first hand accounts are what I imagine what they would be if they were real.

I really was engrossed by this book, the more you read the more you wanted to know how events unfolded, even though you can kind of assume everything works out you want to know all the details of how it happened. I found that finishing it was quite satisfying it provided enough closure so you felt like the story had come to a proper ending yet it was open to leave wondering how this alternate/hypothetical human universe progressed or whether it truly returned to some vague form of normality or whether the world was so irrevocably changed forever.

In summary, this book is an absolute must read for any fans of zombie related things or apocalypses for that matter. About Max Brooks I’ll say this, he is the George A. Romero of zombie fiction for me. Both his books have been incredibly detailed, sublimely engrossing and awesomely graphic and I urge everyone to go read them now.

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2 Responses to Max Brooks

  1. goldfish says:

    WWZ was the first zombie fiction book I read. Unfortunately, it was also the last since there’s no way that any other book in that genre could top it.

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